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cocktail : also for your finger

In Uncategorized on Maret 26, 2010 at 4:28 pm

they say fashion is always rotating at the same place. today’s trend gonna apears on the next decade, with some new improvement. like somekind of evolution theory.

For me that grew up in 90’s, and always so into accsesories, i have a box full of big ring, along side with chokers and long-straight-earings.

Well maybe the chokers and earings aren’t so good for now. but wow, the rings gone pretty well with my style now.

Thank God to the designers that bring back big-cocktail-ring for today’s trend. I can wear my collection once again, in the different decade. But still, a new cocktail ring would be good.

from pearl to torquise, whatever the rock, they’re still gorgeous. Because, hey, they’re not a wedding ring. They’re are cocktail ring. The bigger, the better. The better, the bolder.


sequin : the new runaway queen

In fashion on Maret 26, 2010 at 3:53 pm

forget about studded, bohemian print, and tie dye. There is new queen runs the runaway.

It’s stylish, glamour, and…shinier!!!

Here is our new royal higness, sequins! Don’t believe it when they say it’s boring. From head to toe, it gives you sparks that you need to shine.

But please, don’t wear them all at once. or else you’re gonna be wayyyyyyy….toooooo….shiny! Believe me, that’s not how you want to be seen…

fashion quotes : unselfish fashion

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“Fashion is never selfish, always dress down when needed…”

even lady gaga dressing down when needed...(in her kinda way...)