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fashion muse : geeks revenge

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i wonder why people are still in love with movie like the matrix. heroes not wearing robe and lousy-sun-glasses at night.

thanks to movies like (500) Days Of Summer and Juno, the geeks finally get their chance.

they’re just common guys with a kind heart, loving attitude, more likely wardrobe. and they save us, in real heroic acts. Because they are available in real life, and again, they dress like normal people do.

joseph gordon-levitt

michael cera

…and look how they attracted us, girls…

with their sense of music...

...and their un-attractive-ness (look at that sport suit...eww...), that in some ways, look cute.

so goodbye to keanu reeves heroes generation. we have new kind of heroes now. hail to the geeks !!!



In fashion on Januari 28, 2010 at 6:14 am

some girls are very gratefull to have healthy-shiny-eyes, so they don’t have to use glasses.

I’m not one of those girls.

In addition, I HATE having these pair of healthy eyes. Not that i’m not happy with God’s gift, but I LOVE WEARING GLASSES. It makes me look sophisticated and kinda smart. haha.

i have all of those at home, yes, I'm kinda obssesed

I have plenty at home. I know that I always could wear those ‘fake’ glasses with no minus or what. But I would like to have my ‘real’ one. So I could buy something branded, and have no worries with the price tag, because it meant to wear all my life.

some girls are shoes fetish–not that i’m not–but i’m soo into these glasses. maybe, i’m a glasses-fetish.


*and this is definitely on my wish list right now

lace dillema

In Uncategorized on Januari 26, 2010 at 12:38 pm

my friend getting married !!!

and as a good friend, i have to come to the wedding ceremony, and of course, in a very great style. Imagine they would take our picture, and my friend gonna hang it on her living room wall, like forever. I have to look good. that’s for sure.

But the problem is, in Indonesian tradition, as family and friends of the bride or groom, we have to wear this “kebaya” with the same color for everyone (sometimes with the same model as well…oohh…). The thing is i don’t really heart kebaya. it’s just not fit in with my personality, don’t know why. Luckily, my friend is well aware of her friends condition. She just gave me this kebaya fabric (it’s similar to lace), in fuschia color. Gorgeous !!!

“It’s all up to you, not have to be kebaya. Just please come to my wedding, with a dress made from this.”

Well, problem solved ! I Have decided to make this cute mini lace dress. Maybe with some details like this :

Malene Birger's : i would like to have that cute details on the front

Lipsy's : the shoulder detail would be cool on me, i think.

Fred Perry Laurel's : the length and the wavy details are perfect !

TFNC's : this what we called back detail, nice!

the next problem is, finding the right dresser, to mixed all of those up into one dress, for me.

oooh…and i have no clue at all…

(not so)new fashion muse : Chloe Sevigny

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i feel really bad about hating her dress at the Golden Globe.

So this is one new post, to remind me, that Chloe Sevigny has always been that bold in fashion

yes, she (was) that bold ! Even when she’s naked…

i hate to hate Chloe

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Chloe Sevigny always has this signature style of hers. And i love the quirkie-androginy-vintage look of her. But her Golden Globe 2010 appearence really breaks my heart. She looks heavy and not original 😦 (fyi, she accidentally ripped the dress, on the way to the stage to accept her Golden Globe. Maybe even herself hates the dress…)

Chloe Sevigny in nude Valentino ruffle dress

and my favorite dress this year goes to : Lea Michelle !!!

I don’t even like her series or her, but the dress is like, classy. no further comment for that. a good hit for her first appearance on the event.

Lea Michele with Oscar de la Renta classy-black-strapless-dress

soo sorry Chloe, but i hate you dress this time…


In fashion on Januari 20, 2010 at 5:24 am

i’m definitely in need of shoes. converse. and after all of those shocking colored and patterned converse i have at home, now i want something basic. Yes, just a classic-black-short-canvas-converse, just like these

and i heard converse now also providing another fashion essentials on their clothing line “Converse One Star”, such as : preppy-punk shirt-dresses, tie-dye tunics, and slouchy studded tote bags are among our must-haves.

let’s take a look their latest lookbook

nice! hope they arrive in Indonesia as soon as possible…

new fashion muse : Summer Finn

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for anyone who had watched (500) Days of Summer, and not being attracted by Summer Finn, then you better watch the movie again.

Zooey Deschannel did great to bring the caracter alive. With a different personality and ultra-charm, she seems never get enough of cute-classy-style.

the living prove, that the less is more, if it refers t style.

Summer Finn i heart you soo much ! (and not to mention Joseph Gorden Levitt is amazingly stunning on the movie 🙂 )

2010 : sheer moment

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trend alert for 2010!
i hope, i’m not too late for this. but I’m sure every feminine-chic-look gals would like to cheering up for this.

Choose the drapery style, or just pick a simple one, with solid color like this.

not just a bowl, it’s bowler hat

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i usually love a bowl full of cream soup. but now, i need more. i need a bowler hat.

yeah, something like this….